Fanspole Auction
Auction is a series-wide fantasy game in which you create a unique team for the entire series. You can bid or release players for series-long auctions happening every 6,8,12 or 24 hours which is your contest auction window.
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Step 1 - Bid for Players
Create your team by Bidding for your favourite players. Every member of the auction contest is given 1,70,000 credits to start with. All bids are anonymously made and are visible only after execution.
Step 2 - Players are Assigned
The auction is conducted based on the auction window time of your contest. Players are assigned based on the highest bid. If two players have multiple bids, player is randomly assigned to any one member.
Step 3 - Get Points
Get points for your team players for their actual performance based on the current team you have before each match start time. Total points are added for all matches of the series.
You'll get points for a match only if you have a balanced team before the match.
To have a balanced team you should have:
  • 11 Players
  • one player who can keep
  • 6 players who can bat
  • 5 players who can bowl
Step 4 - Manage Team
You can release some of your players or bid for new players anytime during the season. These players are assigned based on the next auction window time.
Shuffle Players for the series, manage your unique team, and try to top the leaderboard.
A) What is Auction Window?
Auction Window is the amount of time after which auctions will take place. There can be auctions happening every 6,8,12 or 24 hours if any bids are placed.
For Eg
Let's say the auction window is 6 hours and an auction happened at 1:30pm Today, then the next auction will happen at 7:30pm.
Members can bid for players in between the 1:30pm to 7:30pm and all bids will be executed at 7:30pm.
B) When does 1st Auction Window Start?
1st auction window cycle starts when the 4th player joins the auction contest. All members are notified about the start of 1st the auction window.
For Eg
If 4th player joins at 2:03 pm and auction window is of 6 hours then the auction will be executed at 8:03 pm the next one at 2:03 am (next day) etc. Players can bid for players between the window time.
C) What is a balanced team
Your team must meet these criteria to be balanced:
  • 11 Players
  • one player who can keep
  • 6 players who can bat
  • 5 players who can bowl
D) When are points given?
Points are given based on the performance of your players within 1 hour after each match only if you had a balanced team before match start time.