Step 1:
Register for CALL OF DUTY contest inside Fanspole. This is mandatory. Make sure that your CALL OF DUTY ID is correct. Else, you will be unable to play.
15 mins before the contest starts, you'll receive joining details for CALL OF DUTY
Step 2:
Open CALL OF DUTY Mobile app on your device
NOTE: You should have already played at least one game of CALL OF DUTY after installing.
Step 3:
Tap on the section as shown in the screenshot
Step 4:
Tap on the Private Room option as shown in screenshot and search
Step 5:
Enter the Room ID in the text box shown in screenshot
Step 6:
Enter the password for the Room as shown in screenshot
Step 7:
You have joined the CALL OF DUTY room successfully. Please wait until all the players join. The match will start automatically when all players join or at Contest start time. whichever is earlier.