Fanspole Championship
The championship is a series-wide fantasy game in which you create a single team for the entire series which you modify throughout the series and compete with other players.
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Step 1 - Create Team
Create your team for the series by selecting 11 players from all teams in the series. You can edit your team any no of times before the first match starts. You have unlimited substitutes
Step 2 - Select Captain & Vice-Captain
Select a captain and a vice-captain for your team. You can change these before each match so that you select players from the upcoming match as your C & VC
Step 3 - Get Points
Get points for your team players for their actual performance based on the current team you have before each match start time. Total points are added for all matches of the series.
Step 4 - Manage Team
Start of each match you are given 2-3 substitutes which you can use to change your team or carry forward for the next match.
Manage Team for the entire season and try to top the leaderboard.
A) How many substitutes do I get?
  • Before your 1st match: Unlimited subs
  • After 1st Match: 2 or 3 subs
B) How are substitutes counted?
You can keep changing (2 or 3) substitutes any no of times before the start of the next match and it will be counted as (2 or 3) subs
For Eg:
Let's say you are playing Championship game for a series and the next match is Mumbai vs Bangalore
Your current Team is:
D Warner, R Sharma(VC), V Kholi(C), S Raina, AB De-Villers, MS Dhoni, Hardik Pandya, J Bumrah, S Narine, B Kumar, Y Chahal
You make the following substitutes:
Remove D Warner -> Add C Gayle
Remove S Raina -> Add Q De Kock
After saving in sometime you change your mind before the match and make the following substitutes:
Remove Q De Kock -> Add K Pollard
Your Final Team will look like:
C Gayle, R Sharma(VC), V Kholi(C), K Pollard, AB De-Villers, MS Dhoni, Hardik Pandya, J Bumrah, S Narine, B Kumar, Y Chahal
Since all these changes are made before the match and you replaced the existing substituted players your total subs used is still 2, not 3
Substitutes are counted only if you add or replace a new player from your team.
C) What if you don't use substitutes?
If you don't use the 2 subs you get for a match those subs are carried forward to the next match. So in the next match, you will have 4 subs. If not used the next match, you will have 6 subs and so on
D) When are the points given?
Points will be given within 1 hour after completion of each match based on the performance of your players in that match.