Championship on Fanspole gives you a chance to be owner of a classic team for the entire series. Where you will be given free & paid transfers for every match.

  • Now be the owner of a team for the entire series.
  • You can change your team before each match to have the nessesary players for the upcoming match. This change is governed by transfer rules.
  • Each match after your first match, you will get 2 transfers per match.
  • You can purchase more paid transfers per match.
  • Championship mode is all about managing a single team throughout the tournament, it is important that you keep your team updated with latest team changes. This is where transfers come into play.
  • You can change your players before the start of any match. The number of transfers you have will be reflected on the series team page but these are the transfer rules
  • First Match: Before the start of your first match (the first time you create a team in championship mode) you will be allowed to do unlimited transfers.
  • Second Match Onwards: Each match after your first match, you will get 2 transfers per match. You can purchase 2 more transfers per match. Paid transfer cost are: 1st transfers will cost 15 Rs and 2nd transfers will cost 25 Rs You can carry your 2 free transfer to the next match. For example, if in a match if you do only 1 transfer then in the next match you will get (2+1)=3 transfers. But your paid substitute will be a collapse if you do not use that in the match
  • Lazy Forward Transfers: For the lazy folks who join in late for the championship mode, we have tried to cover you by giving you a headstart of 2x(Number of matches completed) free transfers. So, for eg if you join at match no 6, you'll have unlimited transfers before match lock time, after match lock time you get 2 * 6 = 12 free transfers to use
  • Transfers between matches: You can change your transferred players multiple times before a match and they won't be counted as new transfers.
    For eg:
    This is your current team (Buttler, De Kock, Smith, Guptil, Hafeez, Mahmudullah, Starc, Tahir, Dawson, Saifuddin, Hamid Hassan)
    If you have 2 free transfers for Ind vs Pak match, before match start you made the following transfers Kholi replaced Smith
    Dhavan replaced Guptil
    Saved and done. Now the news comes saying Dhawan is injured, you do following changes before the match start
    Rohit replaced Dhawan
    Saved and Done. You can keep doing multiple changes to your transferred players before the match and only 2 transfers will be counted.
    If on the other hand, you did the following transfer Hafeez replaced De Kock
    Then this will be counted as a new transfer. So, now you have made 3 transfers, but if you do the following transfer
    DeKock replaced Hafeez
    Your transfer will be added back and now you have made only 2 transfers.
  • Balance team criteria is as follows:
    1. Minimum 4 Batsmen
    2. 1 Wicket Keeper
    3. Atleast 1 All-rounder
    4. Atleast 2 Bowlers
    5. Total no of Bowlers + All-Rounders should be at least 5.
    6. You can not select 2 pure Wicket Keepers.If your team has 2 or more Batting Wicket Keeper one will be consider as wicket-keeper and other(s) will be consider as batsman.
  • You receive point for only the players who played in that match.