1. What are compartments in Fanspole wallet?
    • Fanspole wallet into two compartments:
      1. Unused Funds:
        All the deposits you make by adding funds are transferred to this compartment. Only Unused Funds can be used to join any paid contest on Fanspole.
      2. Winnings:
        The prizes you win from contests and other events on Fanspole are added to Winnings compartment. You can use funds from Winnings compartment to redeem using one of the redemption options.
  2. Is compartment transfer available?
    • Yes, you can transfer money from your Winnings compartment to Unused Funds compartment but cannot do vice versa.
  3. What will happen if I do not use money in Unused Funds?
    • Your funds are safe and will be unaltered. But if they lie unused for a year, they will be forfeited.
  4. Can I transfer Unused Funds to other users?
    • No, funds once added to Unused Funds compartment cannot be withdrawn, refunded or transferred. They can only be used to play paid contests on Fanspole.
  5. How much Funds can I add to Unused Funds?
    • You can add minimum Rs.10 and maximum of Rs.10,000 in one transaction.